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Hunters in Scotland and from Scotland.

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The aim of this website is to research and record the Hunters in history, their achievements, stories and movements, from earliest times to where their descendants are today. It will not be a quick thing to achieve and with genealogy in particular it could not be reasonably expected to cover everybody but can provide a common meeting place where people struggling with similar "dead ends" could meet and compare notes. People come and go, as can web sites. This is an opportunity to digitally preserve and make available, work done, for Hunters in the future.

James Hunter-Blair and family

Sep 21, 2016

Hunter-Blair's of Blairquhan

Young David had wanted a dream home and bit by bit, tree by tree, Sir David Hunter-Blair, 3rd Baronet, created it.
Painting showing David pulling the barrow, with his family and their home at Dunskey in the background .

Hunters of Scotland in the Ironworks and mining

July 27, 2016

Hunter Ironmasters

The story of James Hunter of Glenapp and other Hunters involved in the Iron production and Mining Industry.

history about hunters in argentina

Mar 12, 2016

Scotland to Argentina via Australia

How a Hunter family frae Rabbie Burns country traveled through three continents before settling down.

famous Hunters in History

Apr 13, 2016

Notable Hunters

a new thought. I am struggling a bit on how to tackle such a wide subject as everything Hunter ever. already have a famous Hunter page started.... trying now to show data that will later link in with family trees but will (hopefully) still be of interest on their own.

Hunters in history
pictures and facts about hunter arms

Feb 20, 2016

Hunter Armorial Families

Starting to put the armorials online here, then will later transfer them to their own page if deemed interesting enough..

hunter armorials
hunter at culloden

Feb 01, 2016

Hunters at Culloden

There was no Hunter Clan attendance as seen by the Highland Clans. Culloden did not start as a national fight for survival.... .....David Hunter 7th Laird of Burnside, was our most notable contribution as captain in the Prince‘s Life Guards.

clan hunter culloden link

Dec 20, 2015

just practicing linking on an old video I took.

Having a giggle. Scottish lessons with some of the younger Hunter visitors at Hunterston castle.....

clan hunter video
hunter arms
Armorial Bearings
Arms of the Hunter families

Mar 23, 2016

picture showing bits from the story
sleepy Scots village to Buenos Aires

Mar 17, 2016

historical picture
Hunter history
the story of the Hunters

Mar 20, 2016