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map of Fife

Feb 29, 2016


Fife had 1003 Hunters in 1881 making it the 4th largest concentration out of the 33 Scottish counties.

Fife is a peninsula on the east coast, north of Edinburgh (Firth of Forth) and south of Dundee (Firth of Tay)
Possibly known best for St. Andrews, Dunfermline and Falkland. In the 19th century it saw a large influx of workers to the coal fields, needed to power the new industrial age. Looking through 1800 censuses it was a sort of Klondyke of coal.

Jan 18, 2016


Forfarshire had 778 Hunters in 1881 making it the 7th largest concentration out of the 33 Scottish counties. It is situated around and to the north of the City of Dundee. The largest town was Arbroath and the main employment was agriculture and fishing. The largest family group here would have been the Hunters of Burnside, it also housed the Hunter library at Restenneth priory, with their own tales of adventure and intrigue.

Dec 28, 2015


Long Calderwood is here and was the childhood home to William and John Hunter. Probably the most famous of Hunters who have played a part on the worlds stage. Their research of 300 years ago is still being studied today by medical students as far afield as China.

Jan 25, 2016


Robert Hunter was a successful Scottish trader in Siam, where he was involved with the Siamese Royal Family. He was given permission by the King to build his own house near the river, and was made harbourmaster in Bangkok......siamese twins

Jan 28, 2016


Ayrshire had 1,201 Hunters in 1881 making it the 3rd largest concentration out of the 33 Scottish counties. Including Hunterston (own page) Bonnytoun and Doonholm, Abbotshill...

Dec 08, 2015


Probably the best known from this region is Captain John Hunter who was born in Leith in 1737...... He set off as Captain to Australia first in 1786 and .....returned in 1794 to New south Wales as Captain-General and Governor in Chief..

Feb 26, 2016


Peter Hunter of Knap joined the army in 1767. Promoted lieutenant-colonel in 1782 and six years later commander western posts of Quebec, then to British Honduras as Superintendent. In 1799 General Hunter was appointed as lieutenant governor of Upper Canada.

Dec 18, 2015


Peeblesshire had 66 Hunters in 1881 making it the 26th largest concentration out of the 33 Scottish counties..



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