Hunters from Perthshire

On Feb 26, 2016

Perthshire had 339 Hunters in 1881, our surname only making number 65 out of the top 200 in Perthshire. This made it the 11th largest concentration in the 33 Scottish counties at that time.

Perthshire is in the centre of Scotland, bordered by Stirlingshire, Inverness-shire, Forfarshire and Fife. As such it has a bit of everything, apart from beaches that is. Though to be fair it has some great rivers flowing through and some cracking sandy river banks.

photograph of Seaside House in Perth

From the lists of county freeholders in 1790 we see

  • Peter Hunter of Knap
  • James Hunter of Seaside
  • Thomas Hunter of Glencarse
and added to the new list in 1811 we also see a George Hunter of Callendar.

In the Perthshire Register of 1810 there is :- John Hunter, master at The Old Operative Lodge of St. Johns.
Thomas of Glencarse has been appointed Deputy Lieutenant of the County and he also joined the Literary and Antiquarian Society of Perth. (feeling quite proud of this guy, wonder what his future holds? :-)
a George Hunter is a Captain in the Western Regiment of the Local Militia and a Charles Hunter is a Captain in the Eastern Regiment.
James Hunter of Seaside and a Charles Hunter, younger, of Seaside; together with our pal Tommy from Glencarse are now enrolled as Commissioners of Supply. This makes them responsible for collecting certain taxes and ensuring good repair of roads and bridges amongst other duties.

from the Scottish directory in 1862

Name address occupation
Charles Hunter Ardgaith : Errol farmer
Lieut.-Col. Hunter of Auchterarder Auchterarder House : Auchterarder
William Hunter Bendochy : Coupar-Angus farmer
George Hunter Busby : Methven farmer
Hunter Keltins Farm : Coupar-Angus farmer
James Hunter Perth Not. - Pub.
John Hunter British Linen Company, Perth Conning and Hunter, agents
William Hunter Stanley Muir : Stanley farmer