searching online

Find on Page

Shown here on Windows 10 Edge. Click the 3 lines and select "find on page" option. Depending on what and where you are looking but this can tell instantly if it is on the page and how many times. Speeds things up if searching lots of pages for a specific name.


Windows 10 Edge. Click the bottom left window icon, then select "all apps", then go down the apps alphabetically to "windows accessories" then select "snipping tool". This is handy to save words, pages or pictures for later comparisons.

same again on Firefox

How to "find on Page". I personally prefer Firefox for web working or researching they have some handy "apps" or add ons.


There are a few to choose from I have used Nimbus happily for a number of years now, it's free and available at

General searching

I personally prefer Google I believe it is a lot more comprehensive. Making a fictional search I type in the name, location and date shown. The ALL is a broad spectrum search. The technique to successfull searching is to remember the information is found and logged by a robot program, polite search sentences don't help. If you want something like "John Logan Hunter" and don't want all the famous Dr John Hunter stuff, use " " as shown.


You can then check IMAGES without having to re-type in the search title. This can uncover documents possibly or indicate other possible sites with interest..


Further along is the option MORE, clicking this and selecting BOOKS open up a whole different field to search. As shown in the next photo.

more on Books

Due to copyright and business you cannot see every book but a lot of recent ones do have "snippets" which may indicate content worth purchasing or getting through a local library.

Free Books

Being a Scotsman this excites me :-). Click SEARCH TOOLS then GOOGLE FREE BOOKS. Books "of value" and out of copyrite are getting digitised and made available to a everyone in various formats. There are thousands of older history, genealogy and countryside books available to download free.

Old Books

Prior To Walter Scott's romantic Scotland we were not always so loved. Queen Victoria started holidaying here and all of a sudden it was the in place to go, railways were everywhere. The publishers were struggling to meet demand for Scottish print. There was a lot of copying to fill pages and sell more books. Some histories may be a bit tongue in cheek and just because other books say the same does not necessarily mean it is true. However there is tons of super stuff out there just waiting on a reader.