Hunters of Forfarshire part 3


Balgay was the name given to a property near Dundee. The first Hunter in the neighborhood of whom record has been found was William Hunter of Dundee, who appeared as a debtor of the estate of William Hunter, Burgess of Forfar, who died in January, 1575. The next Hunter on record was David Hunter of Balgay (purchased in 1619), who married Janet Finlasom and died in November, 1622. His will is on record in the Brechin Testaments under date of March 18, 1623.
The Hunters of Balgay and the Hunters of Burnside Forfar were descended from a common ancestor. The direct descendant of David Hunter of Balgay was mentioned as the fifth line of entail of Andrew Hunter of Dod in the deed of entail of the Barony of Dod made in 1709. No record of the will of David Hunter of Balgay's eldest son William has been found but records are available of his younger children, Margaret, wife of Alexander Haliburton of Balgillo, Barbara, wife of Thomas Haliburton and David Hunter Merchant of Dundee, who married Marjorie Kinnaird. He died in 1637 and appointed David Hunter of Burnside as his executor. William succeeded his father in Balgay, he died in 1662 and was succeeded by his son John Hunter who died in 1667 and appointed David Hunter of Burnside one of the Tutors of his children Janet and Robert Hunter of Baldovie. Robert of Baldovie's son John was the fifth in line of entail of Andrew Hunter of Dod.
Baldovie is in Kingoldrum Parish.
William Hunter of Dundee (referred to in the will of William Hunter, Burgess of Forfar 1575

David Hunter of Balgay, Burgess of Dundee (1565 - Nov 1622) m. c. 1590 to Janet Finlasoun (Findlayson), had issue;
        1 William of Balgay, m Margaret Scrimsaur?(Scrimgeour)(Scrymgeour), d 1662, had issue;
               a John of Balgay, m Margaret Ogilvy, dau of John Ogilvy, brother of James 1st Earl of Airlie, died 1667.
                    [1] Janet
                    [2] Robert of Baldovie, d 1705
                          {a} John of Baldovie, Testament 28 Mar. 1667 "Shipmaster of Dundee".
        2 Daughter  m Boyd
              a Margaret Boyd, m James Straiton in Dundee
        3 Margaret Hunter m. 1623 to Alex. Haliburton (Hallyburton) of Balgillo(w), d 1660 without issue.(1668 testament)
        4 Barbara Hunter m. Thomas Haliburton, younger, merchant Burgess of Dundee ( minister at Kinnoul?), died Sep. 1623.
        5 David Hunter merchant Burgess of Dundee, m. Marjorie Kinnaird, dau. of John Kinnaird in Inchmichell, died 1637.  
              a David Hunter, apprenticed 1648 to Lawrence Mercer of Edinburgh, Merchant Burgess of Dundee, m. 28 Oct 1658,
                    Spouse, Janet Bultie, dau. of Robert B. Bultie Merchant Dundee, d Feb. 1665, had issue;
                       1 David Hunter, born 21 July 1659.
                       2 Robert Hunter, born 25 Dec. 1660.
              b Margaret Hunter, m. John Scrymsour of Kirktoune.

Copies and Extracts of Some Ancient Wills

David Hunter of Balgay, who died November, 1622

Brechin Testaments, Vol. 4
1623, March 18. Testament dative of David Hunter in Balgay and inventory of goods possessed by him and Jonet Findlasoun, his spouse.
He died in Nov., 1622, given up by Mr. William Hunter, his eldest son.
The estate is valued to £2280 being farm stock and plenishing.
There was due to him £5720:6:8 including sums by William Hunter in Forfar, James Tyrrie in Perth, and a number of other persons, and there is an eik on 23 May, 1632, of further sums due to him.
Confirmed, Thomas Hunter, notary and writer in Edinburgh, burgess of Dundee, is cautioner.

Margaret Hunter, who died 1668

Brechin Testaments
1668 — Testament dative of Margaret Hunter (widow of Alexander Halyburton of Balgillow), who died in — 1668, given up by Margaret Boyd, spouse to James Straton in Dundee, sister's daughter and nearest of kin to the defunct and decerned executrix on — Aug., 1668. The estate is valued to £1133:6:8 being debts due her by the deceased Mr. William Hunter of Balgay 300 merks, in terms of a contract between him as heir of the deceased David Hunter, his father, on the one part, and Janet Finlason, his mother, and David Hunter, her second son; on the other, dated — Dec., 1622,
by which he obliged himself to pay to the said deceased Margaret Hunter, his sister, towards her marriage at Martinmas 1623 a certain sum, one condition being that if she die leaving lawful issue the same should be divided among her surviving sisters, and so the executrix claims as representing . . . Hunter, one of the only two sisters surviving the said Margaret. There is also the plenishing.
Confirmed. Bond of Caution by Thomas Law, surgeon burgess in Dundee, for Margaret Boyd, as executrix of the deceased Margaret Hunter, lawful daughter of the deceased David Hunter of Balgay and spouse to the deceased Alexander Halyburton of Balgillo and for James Straiton, now husband to the said Margaret Boyd, for his interest, dated 25 August, 1668.

Barbara Hunter, who died Sept., 1623

Brechin Testaments, Vol. 5
1632, Dec. 17 — Testament dative of Barbara Hunter (lawful daughter of the deceased David Hunter of Balgayis, burgess of Dundee), who died in September, 1623, given up by Margaret Hunter, lawful sister of the defunct, and Thomas Haliburtoun, her spouse. (Barbara's).
The estate is valued to £1000 due to her by Mr. William Hunter of Balgayis, her brother, in terms of a contract made in her favour between the said Mr. William Hunter and Jonet Finlasoun, his mother, and certain other persons in favour of the said Jonet Finlasoun's children of which the defunct is one and also in terms of a bond made to the said Barbara herself.
Confirmed, Thomas Haliburton, younger, merchant, burgess of Dundee, cautioner.

David Hunter, who died 1637

Brechin Testaments, Vol. 5
1637, Sept. 29. Testament testamentar of David Hunter, merchant burgess of Dundee, who died on — 1637, given up by himself and by Marjorie Kinnaird, his widow, in name of David and Margaret Hunter, his lawful children.
The estate is valued to £373:6:8 Scots being merchandise and plenishing.
There was due to him £3564:7:4 by Thomas Moncur of Seagieden, John Conqueror, merchant in Perth, Thomas Dykes, merrhant there, John Boig, merchant there, Andrew Gray and his son, Alexander Kyd, merchant in Dundee, John Tait, merchant there, and others; also by Jonet Findloson, his mother, of borrowed money, and Mr. William Hunter of Balgay.
His Testament is dated at Dundee 25 April, 1637, and in it he dispones his whole moveable goods to be divided equally between David and Margaret Hunter, his bairns, excluding and debarring all others his kin there-from and appointing their mother, Marjorie Kynnaird, his spouse, their sole tutrix, but in the event of her marriage or death he appoints in her place his brother german, Mr. William Hunter of Balgay, Mr. Thomas Haliburton, minister at Kinnoul, David Hunter of Burnside, Peter Hay of Leyis, John Kinnaird in Inchmichell, and David Yeaman, younger, merchant burgess of Dundee.
Confirmed, Peter Kynnaird, maltman burgess of Dundee, cautioner.

David Hunter, who died 1665

Brechin Testaments, Vol. 3
The Testament Dative and Inventary of the goods, &c., of umquhile David Huntar merchant burgess of Dundee, who died in the month of February 1665 Given up by Jonet Bultie his relict and executrix qua creditrix decerned to him for payment of 12,000 merks in implement of their Contract of Marriage dated 10th September 1658. Item certain household plenishing belonging to the deceased in the dwelling house of Marione Kynard his mother in ane lodging pertaining to the said deceased and liferented by her and money due by umquhile Robert Bultie elder merchant burgess of Dundie contained in Bond of date 1st August and 4th November 1650. Registered in the Books of the Hie Court of Justice 27th November 1652; by Thomas Bultie merchant burgess of Dundie as sone and air of the said umquhile Robert Bultie &c.,
Sum of Inventary— £1553.6-8
Confirmed 11th Apryll, 1666

John Hunter of Baldovie, who died Jan. 1st, 1667

Brechin Testaments, Vol. 4
The Testament Testamental and Inventary of the guids &c., of umquhile Jon Huntar of Baldovy in the parish of Kingoldrum and diocese of Brechin, who deceased on 1st January 1667. . Given up by himself and John Scrymsoure of Kirktoune with consent of Alexander Wedderburne of Eager Powrie, Mr. Thomas Cleg, Doctor of Medicine and Robert Stratone apothecary burgess of Dundy tutors to Robert Huntar only lawfull sone to the said defunct.
Inventary consisting of corn, horses, oxen, and household plenishing amounts to — £10448-13.4
Debts owing to the defunct by, James, Earl of Airley, per Bond; Donald Ogilvie in Escrevie; John Ogilvie younger of Peell, Alexander Morgane and Alexander Baine, Jon Nairn of Mukessie, Allan Stewart of Stragarry, James Fentoune in Kilbirnie, the Laird of Tealling, the heirs and executors of umquhile Arthure Straton, David Levingstoune of Barralbrig, David Levingstoun of Balrony.
Sum of debts—. £2638-13.4
Debts owing by the defunct to (as per Will)
Sum of debts- £3913.16-10
Latter Will - I John Hunter of Baldovy being seeke in bodie yet perfyte in memorie and senses blessed be God And knowing that ther is nothing more certain than death and nothing more uncertain then the tyme and manner thereof And I being willing in consideration thereof to make this my last Will in maner underwritten
Therfore in the first I heerby declare that I am justly addebted and resting to the persons my creditores under- namit the several debts and soumes of money eftermentionat
In maner and for the causes efterspecifiet ilk ane of them for ther owne partes as is efter devydit viz; —
To Alexander Wedderbum of Easter Powrie 300 merks of principal with £12 for ane yeares rent thereof
Item to Thomas Nicoll tailzeor burgess of Dundy be accompt £296
Item to William Rait merchant burges there be accompt £35-1-4
Item to Robert Straton, apothecary burges there, be accompt £126-12/-;
Item to David Yeman apothecary burges there be accompt £47.10-2;
Item to the executors of Jon Mortoune baxter there, £20;
Item to Jon Melvill merchant there be accompt £13;
Item to James Moodie - £15;
Item to Jon Scrymsoure of Kirktoune £86-10-8
Item to Jon Ogilvie younger of Peell £60;
Item to — Strathan in - £19-12/-
Item to James Fentoune in Kilburnie £40;
Item to William Fentoune in Cortochie £10;
Item to Jame Heastie, wryter in Dundie £24-4/-;
Item to Alexander Butsie, litster there, £5.16/8;
Item to William Young sometyme my servant be ticket £50;
Item to James Hendersone in Innerkeathing be accompt 25 merks;
Item to Robert Lauder wryter in Dundie £30
and to servantes for byrun fees and bounteyes £80
and to Hewkes in harvest for shearing of the cornes 40 merks,
and to Robert Strachaine wright in Dundy be accompt £31-10/-
And to Janet Hunter my lawful daughter conforme to the band of provision grantit be me to her thereanent the soume of 4000 merkes scotes money.
Item I heerby nominat make constitute and appoynt Robert Hunter my only lawfull sone and failzeing of him be deceis befor his perfyte age he not having lawfull succession of his owne bodie,
Janet Hunter my onlie lawfull daughter and failzeing of her be deceis befor her perfyte age or marriage shee not having lawful succession of her awne bodie,
John Scrymsour of Kirktoune my cusen german successively to be my sole and only executor testamentar and universal legator excepting the legacies eftermentionat.
And I be thir presents leave and in legacie dispone to my saids executors or any of them succeeding be virtue of the forsaid substitution and provision All and sundrie cornes, cattle, horse nolt, guids, geare, debts, sowmes of money and uthers whatsoumever pertayning or addebted to me the tyme of my deceis whenever the same shall happen admitting hereby the generality forsaid to be als guid and sufficient to my saids executors as if every particular of my saids guids geare and debts were heerin at lenth insert and ingrost whereanent dispenses for evir
And sichyke I heerby make nominat and constitute David Fotheringhame of Powrie, David Pitcarne of Forthir, James Grahame of Monorgane, Alexander Wedderburne elder of Kingany, the said Jon Scrymsour of Kirktoune, David Hunter of Burnside, Mr. Thomas Gleg, Doctor of Medicine and Robert Straton apothecary burges of Dundy or any three or more of them to be tutores, testamentars, and curators, to my saids sone and dochter quhill and until their majorities respectively
with full power to the said Jon Scrymsour with consent of any three of the saids tutors To make and give up ane Inventar of all and sundry my saids guids, geare and debts And to purches and obtayne the same to be duely and lawfully confermit as accords And to intromett with uplift use and dispone upon the same to the behoofe of my saids executors successively and generally all uthers things requisit there anent to doe and use Sicklyke and als freely in all respectes as any uther executor with consent of his tutors and curators in the lyke caces mey or can doe in law, and I will and ordayns that if the said Jon Scrymsour sall succeed as executor to me be vertue of the substitution and provision abovewritten
In that cace that he make payment to Mr. Thomas Gleg doctor of medicine of the soume of ane thousand merks usuall scuts money --
And to the said Robert Stratoune of the soume of ane uther thousand merlks money forsaid --
Which soumes in the cace forsaid I heirby leave and in legacie dispone to the saids persones
And heirby declare that this is my last Will in reference to the premiss and ordayne the same (and none els if any be aither prior or posterior thereto) to be keepit and observit and to make faith.
And finally recomending my soul to my Creator throw the merites of Jesus Chryst my Saviour I ordayne that efter death my corpse be interned in my owne Sepulchre in the buriall place of Dundie besyde my nearest relatives
In witness whereof I have subscribed this presents (Written be Robert Lauder, writer in Dundy) with my hand at Dundy
the ellevint day of December 1666 yeares
Befor thir witness the said Robert Lauder and Henry Guthrie his servitor.
Rt. Lauder, witness
H. Guthrie, witnes
Confirmed 28th March, 1667

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